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I just did your 5 step guide to feelings as friends and wanted to tell you what a magical exercise it is. 

My feeling was peaceful and what I loved about the exercise was the mix of creativity and logic.  It also made it fun and I definitely think this helps as I am far too serious at times :) 

My hidden gem was - to remind me what peace feels like and to seek it more often so I can send it back out to the world (what a great message).

Finishing with gratefulness is beautiful too. 

-Pauline R. 


Everyone benefits. Start somewhere and grow with Infinity Wellness. 

Free For the Community

The FREE feelings as friends guide is a great go-to guide to add to your tool kit; a FREE feelings discovery call is a gift for joining the community; and there are lots of FREE EFT tapping videos to tap along with anytime of day or night. Feelings have a way of stopping us in our tracks or sending us in new and sometimes unhealthy directions. The pdf, discovery call, and tapping videos help us make good decisions not based on temporary feelings. Scroll down for the free call; or click on the image above to get the FREE 5-Step Guide to Feelings as Friends. 

Deepen Your Wellness Journey

Infinity Wellness's founder, Gina Mongiello is here to connect with you on any matter that has you feeling stuck or lonely in this world. Full of helpful tips and techniques, she'll guide you through, all the while pointing to the one and only great healer and provider, Creator-God. The modality most used because of its accessibility and effectiveness via the internet is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or tapping. Click on the image above to learn more about sessions with Gina. 


Inspirational Wellness Products

The 36-image card deck is designed by Gina specifically to help inspire overall well-being and connection. Infinity Wellness also offers over 60 mandala greeting cards to either gift to others or hang on walls for inspiration and insights. The mandala's and their inspirational messages can spark creativity and remind us to keep faithful that life is a beautiful gift from Creator-God. Click on the image above to purchase mandala greeting cards and the inspirational card deck. 

Want to start feeling better right away?

The Tap Into Freedom Mini Course is a great place to start. Whether new to tapping or a tapping professional these Emotional Freedom Techniques videos are made to inspire insight and bring fresh new perspectives to an old pattern or situation. FREE. 


Ready to change that relationship, job, or health issue that's got you down?

In the Feelings Mastery Mini Course we learn and tap the basic formula to transform a current feeling(s). When our thoughts and feelings shift, our outer world does too. We can turn to these videos any time we have a feeling or a situation that is troubling us. Not only will the feeling likely resolve and the situation improve but we'll understand its purpose and walk away with a clear action step for our well-being. 


Looking for a community space that helps you navigate this world and fosters your connection to Creator God?

The Connect Community is a space where we connect, reflect, and learn together. It's a supportive community that invites us to focus on what's important and ever-lasting. This earth experience offers lots of temporary relationships, but the best and most vital relationship is the one with God. 

There are four live classes each week with unlimited replays. The monthly membership for all 16+ classes is just $47. 


Would you like to discover the benefit of a feeling in fifteen minutes or less?

Book a feelings discovery call and Gina will walk you through the feeling so you can feel the gift of our feeling. Gina can also share more about how Infinity Wellness may be able to assist you. 

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