Life Long Healing Tools

Have you ever longed for tools that would never dull, and instead sharpen with use?

If YES, then allow your journey to begin. These healing tools when used and practiced can be applied to all of life’s challenges.

Gina's Chosen Tools

I have chosen tools that are incredibly effective at dealing with life, consistently, day-in and day-out, so that when something comes up we have the capability to handle it in a way that provides insight and meaningful direction, guiding our next steps.

Challenges and pain come and go in life, and will continue as such! Suffering along with them is optional!!

Cavemen and cavewomen probably thought that discovering fire would put an end to all their troubles. It’s the nature of the mind to think that any one external thing will solve all of our problems forever. This doesn’t happen, because it would halt our evolution, our expanding consciousness, and the realm of infinite possibility. Cave people surely soon realized there were more challenges to come.

What did happen though was the cavepeople evolved, and because they mastered fire, they became ready for their next challenge, their next opportunity for growth. THIS, is the realm that I work in, where new things become possible, where growth is inevitable, and challenges are opportunities. We evolve and grow in ways that benefit us and the collective. New challenges will always come, but with them comes opportunity, expanded seeing and a blossoming of who you are.

I lead you through the occurences of your life with new eyes so you can see and feel past events for the gifts they are, receive and integrate with the lesson or insight, and identify a doorway through your own evolution. Everything that comes to us, no matter how we judge it as good or bad, is truly here for our benefit.

The tools I offer help to transform coals into diamonds; grief into gold.

SO! If you are ready for diamonds and gold, ready to see your life as brand new and step out of your comfort zone into a place like never before, where you can literally be the master of your own journey and create the life you want, then I would LOVE to work with YOU!

Below is an outline of the tools that I use, and the packages I offer to give you the best balance of depth, insight, and clarity into your life.

After the first couple of MFR treatments, I felt perplexed and tried to figure out how a treatment could remove pain and muscle tension with such ease.

~ V.M.

Myofascial Release

For deep body healing, resolving of chronic pains, releasing of tension.

  • Deep bodymind healing
  • Resolution of chronic pains
  • Release of tension and strain
  • Subtle insights
  • New levels of awareness
  • Healing of past trauma

Emotional Freedom Techniques

For letting go of the past, strengthening empowering beliefs, and opening up the doors for creativity, vitality, and overall wellness.

  • An integration of the lessons from past events
  • Insight and release of detrimental feelings around past trauma
  • Releases negative mind scripts
  • Grows and strengthens love and acceptance for oneself
  • Opens up doors for creativity, vitality, and overall wellness

Yoga & Meditation

Reconnecting with the rhythym of life, increasing your capacity to breathe in each moment and take all there is in life.

  • Loosens the body
  • Calms the mind
  • Reconnect us with the rhythm of life
  • Helps us to discern suffering from pain, thereby ending suffering
  • Increases our capacity to breathe in each moment and receive all that is here in life

Sound Healing & Gratitude

For a pleasure beyond delight and taking a dive into the most serene places of your mind where your most harmonious self resides.

  • A pleasure beyond delight
  • Takes us into the most serene of places where our most harmonious self resides
  • It spikes nitric oxide levels which balances the autonomic nervous system and signals a natural release of anti-bacterial and anti-virals on a microcellular level
  • Gratitude is strongly linked to mental health and life satisfaction

Thank you for everything. This body is grateful for the time I allowed it to rest this past week. All the physical challenges that would have thrown me into a depression and stricken me with self loathing and despair did the opposite. I know I say this a lot and yet it feels like I can’t possibly say it enough, you have changed my vision of myself on so many levels. You have helped me heal me so much. I can never thank you enough.

~ A.Y.

Business Programs

My skills are diverse, and I have a broad range of experiences that allow me to work well with multiple communities. I have been an environmental educator since 2005, and a yoga teacher since 2009. I have worked with and taught people ages 2-90+, worked in affluent and low-income neighborhoods, taught in rural and urban settings, corporate and park atmospheres, worked with those in recovery, and have worked with all ranges of special needs including autistic, behaviorally challenged, and cerebral palsy populations. I have used my skills in many settings to reach and inspire those present.

Because of my ability and effectiveness to reach and help a large range of people and communities, I offer packages and custom-tailor services to businesses and other organizations to do anything from increasing productivity, to resolving conflict, to creating pleasant work atmospheres, to giving employees a reason to enjoy work.

Connect with me to customize your program.