Single Sessions

  • Myofascial Release
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Sound Healing & Gratitude

Any Single Session - $120

Group EFT Class

Group EFT classes are extremely powerful and versatile enough to give every participant a chance to tap into their underlying patterns and clear up extra space!

For more information, visit the EFT page!

Price - $153

Basic Series: Beginner Package

If you’re curious or just starting to see how underlying aspects are driving your behavior, your unrest, and your life situations, and you’d like to be the driver instead, then this basic series is for you.

For more information on the Basic Series Package click here

Price - $560

Transformation Package

Go deep with this 10 session package to transform your current circumstances and get a refreshed, renewed, reinvigorated sense of life and possibility. The series will provide the door to step out of old habits and usher in each day anew like never before.

For more information on the Transformation Package click here

Price - $1080

Divine Inner Mothering Package

Three months of coaching and mentorship through an amazing discovery of your own ability to live whole and complete. In Divine Mothering we shine light on and integrate with shadow aspects which automatically increases consciousness. From here we live without fear, and have the tools to see ourselves through any situation.

For more information on this revolutionary, life-changing package click here

Price - $3240

[Gina's] generous and creative Spirit was a pleasure to be around these past weeks, and beautifully seeded the soil of transformation for me.

~ B.M.