Yoga & Meditation


Find the common thread.

Equanimity of Mind is Yoga ~ Bhagavad Gita

Yoga & meditation have been around for thousands of years. While body postures and stretches have become synonymous with the word yoga in the west, there is far more to yoga than the physical aspects. Yoga is a spiritual journey that leads us to the deepest most profound aspects of Self, which, when realized, shifts our entire vision of life and life’s situations.

Yoga has been known to provide people with an easeful body, a peaceful mind, and a useful life. It helps us to know the real Self, and to stop identifying with the mind made self. This very act leads to freedom. We become the rightful master of the body and the mind, rather than its slave. Liberated from victimhood and suffering we move through life as the spiritual beings that we are, steeped in the truth, that we are all One. This unity consciousness eliminates the need for divide. When we stop dividing, we are in Love, our truest state.

Passed on Through Lineage

Sage Patanjali gave the world “The Yoga Sutras”. In this ancient profound four part spiritual text, Sage Patanjali outlines the path from suffering to Non-suffering, darkness to Light, unreal to the Real. I have experienced many glimpses of this truth that rise from my continued study. Like a science, when we practice the steps, we receive the outcome.

My yoga studies have deepened over this last decade thanks to my Beloved Guruji, Reverend Jaganath Carrera, the Spritual Head and Founder of Yoga Life Society. It is through this Guru/Disciple relationship that the teachings continue to be passed on to me. This is how I continue to learn and grow in yoga. I share yoga with people of all ages and abilities; public/private classes, mat classes, chair classes, library classes, meditation classes, outdoor and indoor classes.

Each yoga or meditation session is tailor fit to the client's individual needs. It may or may not include physical postures, as some will benefit from an active practice, others a still meditative practice, and others a combination of both. We discuss what is most beneficial and things unfold from our discussion. No prior experience with yoga or meditation is necessary, and great benefit is available, even if you are a seasoned practitioner.

“We have to realize we are the Self. We never grow old, never die, never get sick. This is where happiness comes from”
~Sri Guruji Reverend Jaganath Carrera

Movement; More Than Physical

Many of us begin practicing yoga by way of the physical postures. This is how I started back in the late 1990’s. The feel-good movements, the fun-sequencing, the healing-space and the relaxation benefits are easy to see and feel from the start. For those that wish to go deeper there is so much more!

Use yoga and meditation to remember who you are. The eternal, infinite, consciousness that is everywhere and is everything.